Product Design

I  have over thirty years of designing products both as a consultant and on staff . This experience has brought my skill level to a point where I believe I can offer service that is creative and through.

I have developed a strong understanding and knowledge of all aspects of bringing a project from concept into production and ready for the market. I approach design as a problem to solve that involves more that just stylizing the packaging of engineering components. My approach is to investigate all aspects of the product development cycle. I like to involve Marketing, Engineering and Sales early in the process in order to create a design that satisfies the ultimate goal of a successful product.

I have designed numerous successful consumer, medical, industrial and bio tech products.   I have the creativity and know how to get a project on the correct path quickly. My combined industrial design and mechanical design skills have proven valuable in a smooth integration of the two. Where needed I have associates with that can be called upon to assist in design process.

Types of Products I have designed:

  • Bath and Spas – Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath
  • Medical Equipment – Micrus
  • Medical IV disposables – Bayer
  • Biotech Lab Equipment

Jacuzzi Bath "Fiore"

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